The story of Munna Bajrangi Don is similar to Mirzapur, BJP MLA was shot in broad daylight for revenge

The web series 'Mirzapur 2' has been released and these days there is a tremendous time among the audience. In this web series, you will get to see a great cocktail of Dawn, Badla and Violence. However, apart from reel life, today we will tell you the real story of a don who not only established his terror in Mirzapur, Ghazipur and Jaunpur, but was also shivering from this don's threat to one whole Purvanchal. We are talking about the infamous don 'Munna Bajrangi', who created a furore in UP by killing more than 40 people.

It is said that Munna was fond of watching films of dacoits since childhood, due to which he was attracted towards crime at a young age. Munna did the first murder at the age of 17, after which he moved forward in the world of crime. Later, Munna, whose real name was 'Prem Prakash Singh', comes in contact with Mafia don Gajraj Singh of Jaunpur and starts climbing the stairs of crime. Munna's name shines in the world of crime when he kills a businessman in 1984. Shortly after this incident, Munna manages to dominate the entire Purvanchal by killing Ramchandra Singh, a BJP leader from Jaunpur.

Munna, who has been established in the world of crime till now, takes hold of another mafia don Mukhtar Ansari of Purvanchal after Gajraj. As soon as Ansari joins Munna, political support also comes to him, due to which he started grabbing many government contracts. The then BJP MLA Krishnanand Rai emerged as a challenge for Ansari. Mukhtar Ansari, with the help of Munna Bajrangi, killed BJP MLA Krishnanand in broad daylight and created a sensation in Uttar Pradesh at that time.

Let me tell you that Munna killed Krishnanand by firing a rifle like AK 47 at that time. It is said that 400 bullets were shot at Krishnananda.

However, they say that the result of evil is also bad. The same happened with Don Munna, when he shifted from Jhansi to Baghpat Jail for production of Munna jailed in connection with Krishnanand's case. Munna had a fight with another prisoner here and the result was Munna's death ... and thus the story of this infamous don took a full stop within four walls of the jail.