Surendra Singh Controversial Statement On Hathras Gangrape Swara Bhaskar Lashes Out This Man Is Predator

Is not taking the name of the end of the brutal gang rape in Hathrat, Uttar Pradesh. There is a demand for severe punishment of the guilty. All Bollywood celebrities are expressing their anger on this matter on social media. In such a situation, there is an outrage in the celebrities and all the social media users on the statement of BJP MLA Surendra Singh regarding this case. Talking about the Hathras case, Surendra Singh said that only the daughters should be sacrificed. At the same time, many Bollywood actresses have reacted to the MLA's statement expressing their displeasure.

Statement of Surendra Singh

Talking about this barbarity, Surendra Singh said, "I am a teacher along with the MLA. These incidents can be stopped by rituals. Governance and sword are not going to stop. All parents have a religion to give their young daughter Teach you how to live, walk and behave in a ritualistic environment. "

Swara Bhaskar's tweet

Many Bollywood actresses have expressed their displeasure at this statement of Surendra Singh. Actress Swara Bhaskar has shared an old video of Surendra Singh, in which he is talking about Unnao rape case. Sharing this video, Swara wrote- 'This poor man is an old sinner. #RapeDefender BJP MLA Surendra Singh '

Kriti Sanon Reaction

Along with this, Kriti Sanon also reacted to Surendra Singh's statement, 'Teach your daughters how not to get raped ??? Do they hear their own voice? This is the mindset that must change! This is so spoiled, why don't these people give some rites to their sons? '