Smita Patil Broke All The Ties To Get This Actors Love

The love story of Raj Babbar and Smita Patil started during the shooting of the film 'Bhigi Palkeen'. After this, Raj Babbar separated from his first wife Nadira and married Smita Patil. Raj Babbar's three children are Juhi, Arya and Prateek. While Juhi and Arya are from Nadira, Prateek is the son of Smita and Raj Babbar. After Smita's death, Raj Babbar again returned to his first wife, Nadira. It has been mentioned in the book that Smita Patil had not even listened to her mother regarding her relationship with Raj Babbar. His mother was deeply saddened that his relationship with his daughter had deteriorated at the last moment.

Smita Patil often appeared in several films with Dilip Kumar and Amitabh Bachchan. Gradually, Smita Patil achieved the balance between art cinema and commercial cinema. On one side there were films like Mandi, Chakra and on the other side was Shakti, Namak Halal and in such a situation, she appeared in Mahesh Bhatt's film Earth in which Shabana Azmi was in front of them. After this, in the film Earth, Smita's character was that she falls in love with the married man and wishes to settle down with him, something similar happened in her personal life.

Smita Patil was born on 17 October 1955. Father Shivaji Patil was a politician and mother Vidya Tai Patil was a social worker. Smita was born in Pune. Smita Patil studied in the city of Pune and at that time no one realized that this girl is going to earn a big name by going ahead. Smita Patil started in front of television as a news reader. It is said that she was a very domineering type of woman. She used to go to read the news often wearing paints and shirts.