Second Season Of Mirzapur Gets Solo Release On Ott Platform

Everybody has bookmarked the date of 23 October. Mirzapur 2 is being done on this day. After the success of the first season of Mirzapur, there was a lot of talk about season 2 of this show.

Many content is being released back-to-back on all OTT platforms due to the closure of theaters during lockdown. Talking about the series of 'Mizarpur', the audience's eyes are always on it. In such a situation, the second season of 'Mizarpur' series on October 23 is getting a solo and festive release.

Meanwhile, many big projects will be released on OTT platforms like 'Laxmi Bomb', but it will be released only after the release of 'Mizarpur' as it is difficult to attract a large group of audience by releasing on a single day. Will prove

The audience has been waiting for the second season of 'Mizarpur' for a long time. In such a situation, it may be risky to release any other project with this series. The popularity of 'Mizarpur' has made it a brand in itself and that is why the show is getting a special solo and festive release.

The first season of this gangster drama, played by Ali Fazal, Pankaj Tripathi, was released in November of 2018, which was well liked by the people. The series is produced by Excel Entertainment, composed by Puneet Krishna and directed by Gurmeet Singh and Mihir Desai.

The series of OTT platforms, Mirzapur, which has been discussed the most in the last two years. Mirzapur is once again in discussion. The first dialogue in the voice of Pankaj Tripathi aka Kaalin Bhaiya, 'Whatever has come will go, will also be our wish.' Along with this, 'Mirzapur season-2 is in discussion.