Salman Khan War In The First Weekend Of Bigg Boss 14 Rubina Class On Everything On The Show

Bigg Boss 14 will have its first weekend war telecast. Salman Khan's first attack on his family in the weekend war. Contestants take their class after seeing their actions for a week. Salman told Rubina that you should do whatever you have to do to get ahead and Abhinav, let him fight on his own. He said, 'Amazing you friend Abhinav Shukla. Last season, there was a shukla in which people were sleeping. Now a Shukla has come, which is burning.

Recently the promo of the show has been released in which Salman organizes the class of all the contestants. Meanwhile, he also shows a video of Ejaz Khan in which he reveals his secret. In the video, Ejaz and Siddharth are talking, where Ijaz says, till 2011 I was such that if I saw any girl… then there was a big scandal.

Then after that Ijaz tells Salman that something like this happened to me that due to that I have become very tired now. Salman says on this, if you go wrong then you will look wrong. Why did he not speak here? What are you afraid of? War will be done from here.

After 'Bigg Boss 14' starts, today will be the first weekend war where the members of the house will face the show's host Salman Khan. This evening many members of the house are going to get a lot of rebuke from Salman Khan. Is the biggest secret of Ejaz Khan's life going to unfold. What is the secret that Ijaz is afraid to share.