Raveena Tandon was badly injured during the shooting of this song, was unconscious on the set

Actress Raveena Tandon of the 90s was one of the famous actresses of that era. Even today, his stardom has not decreased. Fans eagerly wait to get a glimpse of him. Raveena has been in a lot of discussion about personal life besides her films.

While sharing an anecdote, we tell you one such thing which he himself told. Raveena had told, I had to skate in one of the songs of the film Kabhi Tu Chhaliya Lagta Hai… but if I did not know skating, I would mostly fall in each shot. Once we were shooting in Nariman Point, Mumbai and there was a lot of crowd. I felt embarrassed. In one shot, it fell so badly on my back and my head hurt hard, due to which I fainted.

Raveena further says that everyone got worried about me and when I opened my eyes, Salman was taking my name and people were pouring water on my mouth. I was so embarassed that I started crying. They were doing the same to me as they entertained children like Salman. He said that the ant died. Ant mary Then I started laughing loudly.

Raveena says, 'When I was doing an internship with Prahlada Kakkar, people told me what I was doing behind the camera. Why not openly act in front of the camera? Then I was a free stand in model in Prahlada's company Genesis. Whenever a model did not come to work, Prahlada used to say that by wearing a costume, make Raveena stand up.