Rahul Vaidya And Pavitra Punia Strike A Close Friendship Threatens To Slap Rahul

The reality show Bigg Boss 14 has started making connections and deteriorating. There was a conflict between Bigg Boss contestant Pavitra Punia and Rahul Vaidya. In the show, Holy Punia took a promise to teach Rahul legitimate to make bread, in return, Rahul promised him that he would give whatever the holy man asked for.

This promise was made between these two because Pavitra does not like that Rahul just clean the bathroom, he told everyone that he does not know how to cook as soon as he comes home. Due to which today, Pavitra told them that she will teach them how to make rotis, but they have to give whatever they ask for. But it is very easy to break promises in Bigg Boss house. Something similar happened today during the task of Bigg Boss.

Pavitra Punia makes fun of the bathroom cleaning done by Rahul Vaidya, while Rahul Vaidya on the other hand comments on their food. Pavitra is very angry on this matter of Rahul and tells him that if he does not say anything about food, it is better. When Rahul gets down to talk to her and ill-mannered, then Pavitra threatens to slap him.

Talk about Siddharth Shukla at the same time, he gives girls a job. The same Nikki Tamboli drops the tray of holy punia filled with water. Pavitra angrily fires and Jasmin Bhasin drops everyone's plates with a tray. Nikki raises her voice and Pavitra tells her to keep her mouth shut because she is 'Baywaugh'.