Radhe Maa Dance In Bigg Boss House Siddharth Shukla Touches Feet And Take Blessins From Radhe Maa

In Bigg Boss 14 , Radhe Maa remains the most in the headlines. Although Radhe is not seen in this house as a contestant, but then the discussion of Radhe Maa is most among the fans. In the episode airing today, we will see Radhe Ma entering the BB house, meeting and interacting with the contestants. Radhe Maa enters Bigg Boss house and all contestants welcome her. She then sits on a throne and tells the contestants, 'The child on which the mother is happy, that child touches the heights.'

Siddharth Shukla can be seen touching the feet of Radhe Maa, he also takes blessings from them. In the end, we can also see Radhe Maa dancing with a trident in his hand, while the contestants cheer and increase their enthusiasm. Meanwhile, in today's episode Jasmine depicts the first fight in the house between Bhasin and Nikki Tamboli. The fight is about domestic chores as Nikki refuses to wash dishes as she believes, this will ruin her nails.

Let us tell you that during the grand premiere we saw contestants being selected or rejected by Siddharth Shukla, Gauhar Khan, Hina Khan. All these along with the contestants will stay indoors for 14 days and will have special powers. Apart from this, the makers showed Radhe Ma's entry many times, due to which people assumed that she will be one of the contestants of this show.