Paras Chhabra Reaction On The Connection Of Ejaz And PavitraIn Bigg Boss 14

The very next day Ejaz Khan clearly told Pavitra that she would not be hugged. But there is also Paras Chhabra among all these. Paras Chhabra who has been ex boyfriend of Holy Punia. Before entering Bigg Boss house, Pavitra clearly stated in the interview that Paras was the biggest mistake of her life. Now Paras Chhabra has broken the silence on this. The actor said that the name of the Holy One should be actually profane. Not only this, I have advised Ijaz Khan from Paras.

Many relationships have often been seen deteriorating in Bigg Boss's house. Something similar looks in this season too. The season of Bigg Boss 14 has just begun, and Ejaz and Pavithra have started getting closer. Even though there was a fierce debate between the two at times, but another game has started in the eyes, which now the audience is also understanding. At the same time, on the connection of both, now ex-boyfriend of Holy Punia, Paras Chhabra has also given his reaction. Knowing whom you will also be surprised.

I will pray for Ijaz - In
an interview, Paras Chhabra has fiercely attacked Holy Punia. On joining his name with Ijaz, he said - If this love angle is coming out then I will pray for Ijaz that his life should be right. Otherwise they will be ruined. He further said - Ijaz is an excellent actor, so he should stay away from humans like Pavitra. Paras did not stop only, but he said to the Holy One that his name Holy is completely wrong because he is not holy at all. Rather their name should be impure due to their nature.

Pavitra and Paras were in the relationship for some time,
let us tell you that the holy Punia and Paras Chhabra were in the first relationship. But this relationship did not last long. Before going to Bigg Boss, Pavitra had also told his affair with Paras his biggest mistake. At the same time, after Pavitra's departure in Bigg Boss, Paras is also spewing a lot of fire against him. Recently he told that Pavitra was having a double date. Due to this, their relationship ended. Holy was also married. He hid this bar from Paras. Still she remained in another relationship. And he himself got the information from the husband of Pavitra.

Big Boss had appeared in 13 Paras Chhabra
Paras Chhabra Big Boss 13 means that appeared in last season. And while living there, he earned a lot of name. Although he did not win the show, but after that, the path of his success was opened. His name was repeatedly associated with Mahira Sharma at home. Although both of them have never openly expressed their relationship, but both are still often spotted with each other.