Nikki Tamboli Showed Her Color As Soon As She Entered Bigg Boss 14s House Refused To Do This Work

The show Bigg Boss 14 has started today and Ijaz Khan became the first contestant of this show. One by one, Salman Khan is introducing all the contestants of the show to the audience. At the same time, Nikki Tamboli was entered after Ejaz Khan and also performed a great dance. The promo of Tamboli became quite viral on social media since morning. In this promo, Nikki Tamboli was seen flirting with Salman Khan.

As soon as Nikki Tamboli took entry into the house, a list of her nails became. Inside the house, Nikki refused to lift the little rice that fell in the kitchen. In response to this, Ijaz Khan said to him that after getting angry and anxious about working the house many times, Nikki said that I cannot do this, you have to do this work. Nikki Jasmine was seen cheating on Aijaz about this.

It will not be wrong to say that the contestants have started playing their own games as soon as they enter the show. It should also be because it is not easy to stay in the show Bigg Boss this time and it will be very important for every contestant to stay in the show for 14 days from the beginning.

Nikki Tamboli has introduced herself as a bubbly girl as she hit the entry in the show and told that she has broken the hearts of many boys. Nikki Tamboli also told that the boys are unable to stop themselves from seeing them and start flirting with them. Salman Khan also pulled a little leg on this talk of Nikki Tamboli.