Navratri Special 2020 Famous Bhajan Singer Narendra Chanchal Life Unknown Facts

The festival of Navratri is about to begin in a few days. As soon as this festival starts, the name of Mother starts shouting in North India. But these 9 days are always incomplete without a voice and that voice is that of Bhajan singer Narendra Chanchal (Narendra Chanchal). His voice goes straight to the heart. Then, whether it is' Chalo Bulawa Aaya Hai 'or' O the king of the jungle, take my mother. The festival of Navratri is not complete without the hymns of Narendre Chanchal.

Narendre Chanchal is the one who gave different direction to Mother's Jagrat. Not only did he make a name for himself in classical music but he also has no equal in folk music. Although Narendre Chanchal does not have a deep connection with Bollywood films, yet he has created a distinct and strong identity in the world of music. He made Jagran a big industry. But Narendra Chanchal's name was not made at all, his hard work is hidden behind it.

Narendra Chanchal heard his mother Kailashwati singing hymns of Matarani from childhood. After listening to the hymns of the mother, she too got enthralled with music. According to sources, Narendra was very devilish in childhood. His mind did not seem to read and write, so he did not go to school and played cards for hours. The news is that due to his mischievous nature and fickleness, his Hindi teacher used to call him 'playful'. Later, Narendra added the playful forever with his name.

His mother was Narendra Chanchal's first guru, after which Chanchal learned music from Prem Trikha. Then he started singing bhajan. But during this time, his voice lost for some time. When the sound was right, he met Bollywood superstar Raj Kapoor. At that time, Raj Kapoor was exploring a new voice for his upcoming film Bobby. Raj Kapoor had earlier heard Narendra Chanchal singing at a Baisakhi fair and he liked Chanchal's voice so much that he had decided that he would sing her in his film 'Bobby'. Then when Raj Kapoor made the film 'Bobby' in the year 1973, Narendra Chanchal sang a song in it - 'Of course temple mosque break'.

After 'Bobby', Narendra sang songs in many films, but he got recognition from his mother's hymn 'Chalo Bulava Aaya Hai' in the film 'Asha', which made him famous overnight. According to media reports, once Narendra Chanchal said in his interview that- 'There was a time when Mata's Jagrata used to be on the carpet, but today it has become an industry.' Let me tell you that due to financial constraints in the early stages of his career, Narendre Chanchal also worked for some time at a dry cleaner shop. Seeing good and expensive clothes there, he felt that someday he would also have expensive clothes. Even though Narendra Chanchal has no shortage of money today, but his way of life is very simple. They do not like to eat outside. Even in flight, he only eats his wife's handmade food.