Mukesh Khanna Told Kapil Sharma Show This Thind And Then Gajendra Chauhan Said He Was The First Flop Actor Of Mahabharata

Mukesh Khanna and Gajendra Chauhan worked together in the serial Mahabharata, which was very popular in the 1980s. Now in an interview given to an English newspaper, Gajendra has told Mukesh Khanna even as a flop actor.

Both artists have worked together in Mahabharata

Mukesh Khanna played the role of Bhishma Pitamah in the 1988 Mahabharata produced by BR Chopra, while Gajendra Chauhan played the role of Yudhishthira.

Know what Mukesh had said about the Kapil Sharma show?

Mukesh Khanna criticized The Kapil Sharma as 'vulgar'. He distanced himself from the Mahabharata cast's re-union on the show. He had said, 'In that show, men wear subdued jokes to make women wear clothes they don't like.'

Gajendra said - Mukesh himself has done 'Vulgar' films

In an interview, Gajendra lashed out at Mukesh and said that even in the Mahabharata, Arjun used to dance in women's clothes, then why did he not leave the serial. He said that Mukesh Khanna himself has done many Vulgar films, then why did he not say anything like that.

Gajendra said - Mukesh was the first flop actor of Mahabharata

Gajendra said that Mukesh wants to make headlines by commenting on popular people. He also said that he was the first flop actor of Mahabharata. He came on TV because his films were flopping. It is noteworthy that Mukesh Khanna also made critical comments on the serial Mahabharata made by Ekta Kapoor.