Movie Review Bahut Hua Samman Movie Directed By Aashish Shukla Starring Sanjay Mishra

Bahut Hua Samman

Comdy drama

Director : Ashish S. Shukla

Artists : Sanjay Mishra, Raghav Juyal, Abhishek Chauhan, Bhupesh Kumar

Bahut Hua Samman Review: There are no games behind the scenes only in cinema. In the film Democracy too, a lot is caught behind. People in power and system want to grow themselves and keep the public behind. They pop and populate the poppy in various ways. Director Ashish S. This film of Shukla is the story of such a system, which has been respected a lot till date.

Here in North India University of Varanasi, the two worst students of mechanical engineering, Boney (Raghav Juyal) and Fundu (Abhishek Chauhan) are lagging behind the boys of the batch. They see that the fifth pass in the country is earning crores and the graduates who find the future in 9-to-5 do not have jobs. Meaning the problem is in the country, not in the youth. Boni-fundu, who seems misguided as a guide, then gets knowledge from Baba (Sanjay Mishra), who has been living on campus for 25 years and seven months.

Father is not a big brother, the biggest rupiah. Rob MCBC Bank of campus. People consider Baba crazy. He believes that humanity is dying out of capitalism and consumerism. The story picks up with a dent in the bank. From Guru Bairagi Anand Maharaj, Leader Ajay Parmar, Police Inspector Bobby Tiwari, the entry of Sand Mafia gang's Raju-Bhola (Bhupesh Kumar Singh-Sharat Sonu) and his joint girlfriend Sapna (Flora Saini) is done.

Boney-fundu is at the center of the story but Baba has complete control over it. He is the master mind of everything and all the philosophy is in his pocket. He explains that banks are the womb of capitalism and that instability is the mother of invention. He says that Kranti is not a two-and-a-half-hour film. Revolution in democracy must be continued. Fluent If the flow of revolution is stopped, the river of ideas will become a sewer of fundamentalism.

The good thing in a democracy is that people have the right to ask questions. Ask questions If people do not raise their voice, they will remain as devotees. Become a devotee not a partner because this country is yours too. The role of Sanjay Mishra is well written, there is such a fakery in it that it can take the bag anytime and leave this world ahead of renunciation. Sanjay has played it beautifully.

This film, which came on the Gandhi Jayanti on Disney + Hot Star, says in a lot of gestures on the present situation of the country, politicians, criminals and businessmen babas. Raises mask on faces. The story tells in a very sensible gesture that today religion is being used like opium and a big market has also been erected under its guise. If people do not warn today, then perhaps the time will come when the power of thinking and understanding will be taken away. Consumption of consumerism and religion will paralyze people and machines will replace humans in factories and offices. What will happen then A new slavery will begin.

The special thing is that the film says these things in a style like comedy and fantasy. The music of the 1970s- 80s in the background acts as a sweet layer on the bitter pill. It is a different matter that it is full of words that cannot be written here, but the film tickles and forces you to think. In the film, there is a Kohinoor robbed from the bank, whose mystery thrills. Here is an interesting track of heavy Bobby Tiwari policewoman (Nidhi Singh) and her husband working in the education department.

Despite the speed of the film being somewhat slow, in the end it moves at a fast pace. Ashish S. Shukla kept the balance in the characters and showed the wisdom to finish the different tracks of the stories on time. In recent times there have been fewer such directors who tried to say something in parallel gestures of the story. Otherwise, most of them run flatly.

Writers have also done their job well. When the fight is with the system, the rules and regulations of the system have to be kept in the side, who goes to have sex with Gorakhpur and what is life is a caravan of experiences, as the dialogues are remembered. You can agree or disagree with what is shown in this non-star film, but you can see it for an experience. The films of the stars have already been respected a lot.