Mirzapur 2 Blood Stains Cause Deep Wounds Ready To Take Revenge

Season 2 of OTT platform's popular web series Mirzapur is going to be released soon. The promos of Mirzapur 2 are being released on the coming day. Recently a promo related to this series was released on social media, in which Golu Gupta's character was shown. Let me tell you, actress Shweta Tripathi is playing Golu Gupta's character. This web series is going to be released on October 23 on Amazon Prime Video.

After the first season, the fans are eagerly waiting for this series. Within the fans, it is curious to know how Golu Gupta and Guddu Pandit take revenge in the next season. In the promo, Golu Gupta will avenge the murder of her lover Bablu Pandit. It is shown in the teaser - Bablu Pandit narration says that this blood stain is Golu, once engaged, it will not be missed. Golu Gupta says that we do not care. If the enemy loses hands, it will not survive.

While many things came on OTT and people saw them, but the shows and web series which were taken by the people, Mirzapur will definitely be mentioned in them. There is no doubt that in all the episodes of Mirzapur, full care was taken to ensure that both the USP and the suspense of the show remain. Perhaps this is also the reason that even if you sit down to watch Mirzapur today, you will either finish it completely or else leave only two or three episodes to watch it on the second day.

If we look at Mirzapur 1, the first season was finished with the note that Munna Tripathi, in the greed to become King of Mirzapur, first did the job of brother, then attacked Golu Gupta, Sweety, Guddu and Bablu Pandit and Sweety And killed Bablu. Now that the season is coming, there is a story ahead of this incident. It is believed that Mirzapur 2 will also be better than Mirzapur and in this audience will get every element for which he has waited so long.