Make your memory faster by eating these 5 healthy habits, not knowing how

Weakness of memory is not your only thing, but with some measures you can save your memory loss, so today we tell you some tips that can improve the health of your brain.

Health Tips: A  sharp  memory  is required for everyone, whether you're a student, working professional looking again  at what E senior citizens. All people really  the  time to have amnesia at the time, that even when he struggled to his Talmal with work  to do shish. But continuously poor memory can be a very big problem. This in  not just affect your performance, but you in the next life  memory  may also have a serious impact on. Weakness of  memory  is not a matter of anyone   , but by  adopting some simple measures  , you will lose  your  memory  . From  here  to  save you, let today we are  going to tell you about some things that you adopt health of your brain  that  can improve.

Eating  to pay attention
often have their meals  to  more than oily and spicy food  from the forest. This type of food is responsible for the weakeningof your memory later . Your food  to  be missed it 's  may seem a small thing, but in fact it has a big impact on your mental health. AI to  have more colorful fruits and vegetables in your diet  to  include. Fruits and vegetables, nutrients and antioxidants  and  are rich, that free radicals damage  and  are helpful in fighting. Including blueberries, tomatoes, spinach in your diet can be a great option.

You must be active. Being
active does  not  mean that you  should go to the gym. For you to  own  the  need to keep active. AI to  you to play games, walk, try to dance more. For the health of the brain, it is necessary for the body to be active because it improves blood circulation, metabolism, and improves brain structure and function.

Learn to be necessary
for most people physically insist on staying active but AI of  people  to  mentally  than  aware of the importance of being active  does not  happen. Both have  their own  different roles and both are important for you. AI to  have new things  to  learn  the shish that your brain  the  challenge. If you equally  to  follow familiar paths, so your brain development  not  asserts which this the  fast   is required to make.

Good sleep is very important
, it is also very important for your mental development to get adequate rest. Relaxation means physical and mental rest. AI to  you myself  the  need  to  give more stress. Stress hormones hippocampus  to  the damage, which the brain  memory  is the heart and causes loss of memory. Getting seven to  eight hours of sleep is very important for the development of your brain and body.