Know Why Kangana Ranaut Always Criticises Deepika Padukone

Kangana Ranot is known for messing with Bollywood stars. She is famous for her impunity and keeps on targeting some celeb one day. On the occasion of World Mental Health Day, he attacked Deepika Padukone in gestures. Without naming Deepika, she asked her to run a depression shop. Kangana said, I had created 'Judicial Hai Kya' to spread awareness among people towards mental health but it was dragged into the court. I had to change the name of the film due to the depression shop.
In fact, in 2019, there was a dispute over the title of Kangana's film 'Mantle Hai Kya'. By the way, this is not the first time Kangana has expressed anger on Deepika, even before that she has called Deepika good and bad on many occasions.

Recently, when the Narcotics Control Board called Deepika for questioning in the drugs case, Kangana wrote for her on Twitter, Depression is the result of drug abuse. The rich star children of the so-called high society, who claim to be classy and have a good upbringing, ask their manager, "What is the goods?" However, this tweet by Kangana was disputed and Shehla Rashid, former Vice President of JNU Student Union, accused her of insulting the people who were suffering from depression. On this, Kangana clarified, 'I just did Deepika Talked about a case of mental illness. When you are in depression, you cannot play with the brain and start taking drugs, like he took.
Earlier Kangana criticized Deepika for calling her a business of depression. At the same time, questions were also raised on the story of Deepika's depression. A few years ago, in many interviews, when Deepika said that at one time she has also suffered from depression, Kangana said sarcastically, what kind of depression is this, I know people who are suffering from depression, their life came to a standstill. Went. It becomes difficult to work, there is difficulty in working in professional life, but how is Deepika's depression? She is doing films, getting married, she has made depression business. Actually, Deepika founded the Live Love Laugh Foundation in 2015, which helps people struggling with depression.