Kishore Kumar Death Anniversary He Meets Madhubala Twice A Month This Emotional Reason

Today is the death anniversary of Kishore Kumar. He died of a heart attack on 13 October 1987 at the age of 58. This day was the 76th birthday of his elder brother Kishore Kumar. It was Ashok Kumar who brought him into films. Kishore Kumar greatly influenced people with his singing as well as his acting. Even today, his songs are heard with great fervor. On the death anniversary of Kishore Kumar, he is telling a very important and unheard story about his life.

During the acting, Kishore Kumar met the legendary actress Madhubala. The two met during the shooting of 'Dhak Ke Mahal' in the year 1956. Madhubala was 27 years old during that time. During this, Madhubala was diagnosed with heart disease. Nevertheless, Kishore Kumar proposed to her for marriage. Both got married in the year 1960. However, this was Kishore Kumar's second marriage. Kishore Kumar's parents did not want Kishore to marry a girl of his own will and other religions.

Bought flats for Madhubala

But both of them went against their parents and got married according to Hindu customs. Still, Kishore's parents did not accept Madhubala as a daughter-in-law. After the honeymoon, Kishore bought a flat for Madhubala at Bandra's Quarter Day. After marriage, Madhubala's disease started to increase even more. Kishore kept a nurse and driver for Madhubala in this flat. As Madhubala's disease was increasing, the teenager stopped visiting her. There came a time when teenagers used to visit Madhubala twice a month.

Faced with financial constraints

During the treatment of Madhubala, Kishore Kumar also faced financial crisis. Kishore Kumar did not have money. The phone connection to his house was also cut. But Kishore Kumar never let him realize his strained condition. After this, the teenagers used to visit Madhubala once in two or three months. People questioned this behavior for Kishore Da's Madhubala.

Madhubala used to cry when she met Kishore Da