Kbc 12 Contetant Near To Become Crorepati Quits Game On This Question Do You Know The Correct Answer

Kaun Banega Crorepati 12: In the latest episode of the reality quiz show Kaun Banega Crorepati, he appeared at the Swapnil Hot Seat in Maharashtra playing the game. Swapnil played a very good game but after getting very close to becoming a millionaire, he quitted the game.

Swapnil came to the hotseat on Wednesday by winning the Fastest Finger First Round. At the same time, his game was running on the show that the hooter of the show was over. Swapnil had won 10 thousand rupees by answering 5 questions correctly on Tuesday.

Swapnil went on to win 25 lakh rupees in the show. At the same time, Amitabh Bachchan also told him that you are just a few steps behind becoming a millionaire. After 50 lakh, the question of 1 crore and then jockpot i.e. 7 crore was to come. At the same time, Swapnil was asked a question related to INC for 50 lakhs but he was not sure on this, so he decided to quit the game.

Which future president of the Indian Merchants Chamber became the President of the Indian National Congress in 1901? Options for this question were A-Ferozeshah Mehta, B-Dinsha Idalji Covenant, C-Badruddin Tyabji, D-Dadabhai Naoroji

Let me tell you that on the show, during the lockdown, his good business came to a standstill and he was unable to pay even the salary of his employees. At the same time, Swapnil hopes that he will be able to stand once from the amount won in KBC.