Katrina Kaif Superhero Film Preparations And Ali Abbas Looking For Shooting Location In Abu Dhabi

Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif is going to work on a superhero film with her best friend Ali Abbas Zafar. Ali is in Dubai in connection with the shooting of the film and is looking for a place. Ali Abbas will shoot his film in Abu Dhabi. For this, he has started the pre-production work of this film in Dubai itself.

Let me tell you In this film, Katrina Kaif will be seen as a Super Woman. For this, he has made a lot of preparations throughout the lockdown. In the current situation, foreigners have to face difficulty in coming to the country. That is why Ali Abbas is doing pre-production work of this film in Dubai.

During an interview, Ali also revealed about his upcoming film and said, 'Katrina has started her physical training for the film, which we are now thinking of making in two parts.' Ali said that if the conditions are good during Corona, then by January he will start shooting for this film.

Apart from this, Ali also said that before starting the shooting of this superhero film, Katrina will complete the rest of her work commitments. Talking about Katrina, Ali said, 'Katrina has also started her physical training .. but she has some other commitments which she has to complete. After which she will start work on our superhero film.