Kaali Khuhi Review: In this horror film, there is no fear, no suspense and entertainment too

Kaali Khuhi

Social horror drama

Director : Terry Samundara

Artists : Shabana Azmi, Leela Samson, Sanjeeda Sheikh, Satyadeep Mishr

The first thing is that the producer-director kept promoting Kali Khuhi as a horror film, but it is horror-zero. The film was released today on the OTT platform Netflix. If you saw Bulbul of Anushka Sharma's production house on Netflix last June, then understand that Kali Khuhi is even weaker than that. Kali Khuhi is one and a half hours but here you are scared of wasting of your time, not in the film. Be it the message of saving your daughter or teaching your daughter or horror, many times better films have been made in Hindi than Kali Khuhi. This is the weakest film of recent times on Netflix.

Khuhi means well in Punjabi. The black well here means death well in the film. Telling the story of an anonymous village in Punjab, the film tells that girls born here were killed in a dark well until one or two generations ago. Poison was sometimes licked. A little consciousness increased as time changed That well was covered.

Despite this, what happened that one day the well opened. The spirit of a girl (witness) came out of it. This spirit is now killing the members of the house where she was killed when she was born. In this house, there is a 10 year old girl Shivangi (Rewa Arora). Which finally gives liberation to spirit and then everything goes well.

Even though there is tightness in the script, the story of the film is very weak. There is nothing new in this. Since the era of Vastushastra of Ram Gopal Varma, we see children in ghosts in horror films. Shivangi is also in the center in Kali Khuhi. In fact, there is not a single scene in this film that can scare.

The writer-director also did not take care of rationality. The girl who was born after her elder brother and was killed at birth, comes to mind as a teenage girl. With the passage of time, Rooh's age also increased and the form changed. Horror incidents here become ridiculous like Ramsay Brothers Marka films and buffalo starts giving blood instead of milk.

Kali Khuhi also shows superstition in the name of social evils, as if promoting them. In the film, mother-in-law (Leela Samson) is angry with her daughter-in-law Priya (Sanjeeda Sheikh) for having a daughter with her insistence. If the daughter-in-law had consumed the mother-in-law given the mother-in-law, it would not have been a burden as the girl (Shivangi) embraced the family. It is mentioned again and again in the story that the village has been cursed by spirit, the epidemic has returned, half-and-half has been felt. But it is not clear what curse the village felt and what epidemic has returned or what kind of sari she felt.

India is shown superstitious and backward by such bad films abroad. Whose writer-directors remain ignorant of Indian rites, religion, customs and changing society. In the story, Satya Mausi (Shabana Azmi) has a book, which names the girls born in the village, who were killed as soon as they were born. Are girls named after being born and then killed? Scared of ghosts, Shabana Azmi recites Gayatri Mantra in front of God here. There are many things here at the level of the story and the characters that are not clear in the film.

Director Terry Samundara was born in India and lives in the US. His co-authors are American. Prior to this, Tarry has been directing short films. This is his first full length film. Which is lost. Disappoints Shabana Azmi comes to the center after passing half the film. But somehow she could not support the film.

The color tone of Kali Khuhi is mostly dark and there is no entertainment in it. The film is very slow and thrills are missing. The film, which tries to show the half-life of girl-birth and girl-fetus in the Indian society under the pretext of ghost or spirit, turns into fantasy by the end because the writer-director does not know what is the solution to the problem and how to bring change. Go