Javed Akhtar Reacts To Tanishqs Advertisement Saying Some People Are Upset With Non Religious Marriages

Jewelery brand Tanishq has now become part of the headlines. Tanishq remains a topic of discussion due to one of his advertisements. This advertisement is getting mixed response on social media. Some people are supporting this advertisement, while some people are going to boycott it. Many stars have also tweeted about it. After seeing this advertisement, some people are calling it 'Love Jihad' and 'fake secularism'. In the midst of all this, now lyricist Javed Akhtar has given his opinion about this advertisement.

In a tweet regarding the advertisement, Javed writes, "Whether it is film, advertisement or real life ... Everywhere an inter-religious marriage always troubles some people, in which the outrage of the girl side comes out or Related to this, this outrage is based on the belief that women are like their property. Angry people see the bride and her family as cattle thieves of a village. ''

Because of this tweet, Javed Akhtar became a victim of people's displeasure. In response to this tweet, people are seen giving their reaction to the songwriter's comment.

It is noteworthy that not only Javed Akhtar, many celebs have also made their comments in favor of the advertisement.

In view of the continuous protest, the company has removed the advertisement. On this, actress Divya Dutta who gave her voice in this advertisement expressed disappointment and said that the company should not remove it.

Divya Dutta, who gave voice in the advertisement, has also kept her point. A Twitter user asked Divya Dutta if this is your voice. To this, Divya replied, "Yes, this is my voice. It is sad that it was removed. I loved it." At the same time, another user wrote that he is not against them, but wrong is wrong.