It was not easy for Akshay Khanna to accept Papa Vinod Khanna's decision to retire

Bollywood veteran actor Vinod Khanna is no longer with us. But there was a time when Vinod Khanna in Hindi cinema gave a tough competition to Amitabh Bachchan. At that time people felt that Vinod Khanna would leave behind Amitabh Bachchan's stardom. But his decision to retire suddenly ruined everything. On reaching the peak of his career, Vinod Khanna decided to go to the shelter of spiritual teacher Osho. That decision shocked the entire industry. It was not easy for Vinod Khanna to accept this decision even for his family. Akshay Khanna himself talked about this during an interview given recently.

When Vinod Khanna left his work and family to join spirituality, his son Akshaye Khanna was just 5 years old. Some memories of that time are still fresh in Akshay's mind, about which Akshay talked to the media. According to media reports, Akshaye Khanna while talking about his father said- 'He had not only left the family but he had given up his whole life. He had completely dedicated himself. I was 5 years old at that time and it was very difficult for me to understand all this. Today I can understand all those things better. At that time, he must have liked this decision.

Let us tell you that Vinod Khanna

the height of his career at the time and in such a situation he decided to go to the shelter of Osho. According to sources, there he used to sweep and also clean the toilet. However, after some time Vinod Khanna decided to return home and once again he started focusing on his career and family. However, later Vinod Khanna could not succeed in the film industry as before.