Hina and Gauhar Khan told this contestant the possible winner of Bigg Boss 14

To make Bigg Boss 14 different from all the previous seasons, this time the seniors have been sent indoors for the first few weeks. These include the names of Gauhar Khan, Siddharth Shukla and Hina Khan. All three seniors are closely monitoring the new members of the house and are also understanding their game plan. At the same time, something happened recently that Hina and Gauhar got quite impressed with a contestant in the house and in the gestures only right, but they have told that contestant is the winner of this season. 

Who is that lucky contestant?

In the past week, Nikki Tamboli was declared a confirmed member of the house. At the same time, Nikki was asked for feedback from the rest of the contestants on this tag. Except the five freshers of the house, the remaining four participants asked Nikki to withdraw the tag. Everyone had to give their own arguments on this. When Bari came to Rubina, she put many mistakes of Nikki in front. He said that Nikki has an ego which is driving them away from humanity. Due to which she often sees her benefit only and only without thinking about anyone's loss. At the same time, when it has come to save the tag, they are apologizing so that this opportunity can be used.

Rubina impresses Hina and Gauhar

At the same time, the way Rubina put forth her arguments and told the mistakes of Nikki Tamboli, both seniors Hina and Gauhar Khan have been very impressed. Hina even secretly said- 'Rubina Bigg Boss 14' and Gauhar says- 'I just saw it'. This means that in gestures, Hina and Gauhar are telling Rubina a possible winner of Bigg Boss 14. However, the third senior present in the house did not seem to agree with his words. 

Nikki also agreed with Rubina's words

At the same time, Nikki agreed to Rubina's talk when this discussion was over and she herself went to Rubina and Abhinav. He believed - 'Whatever the region gave to the rest of the people, I thought only your region valid. You explained to me like a sister that I had not seen, my friends did not explain what I made mistakes.