Harshvardhan breaks silence for the first time on the breakup from Kim Sharma, DNA responsible

Bollywood actor Harsh Vardhan Rane was in a lot of headlines recently regarding his relationship and breakup with Kim Sharma. At the same time, for the first time, Harshvardhan has broken the silence on his break up and has given the first reaction. Harsh has attributed his DNA to this breakup.

Recently Harshbardhan said in a conversation with TOI, "Whatever went wrong was due to my DNA. It is clear that I was single for the last 12 years. There must be a reason because there is apparently nothing unnecessary." Happens. I started dating her and she is the funniest person in the world. "

Earlier, Harshvardhan said while talking about this, "Yes, Kim and Harshvardhan are no longer together." Apart from this, Harshvardhan also wrote a complicated post and deleted all his pictures with Kim from social media. He wrote on social media, "OK. Thank you great soul. It was fantastic, and more. May God bless you and me too. Bye."

Joking about his breakup, Harshvardhan said, "I have gone through the best phase of my life. I think it's in my DNA, it is written that I would love to be accused. Give me color There is a dialogue in Basanti that freedom is my bride, in the same way I will say that cinema is my bride. "