From Delhi Crime to Mirzapur, Rasika Duggal played this powerful character

The second season of Mirzapur webseries has been released and in which the audience is most surprised by a character, it is 'Bina'. Yes, the way Bina's character is taking a new turn in the second season of Mirzapur, it is fun to see in itself. Rasika Duggal, who played the role of 'Bina' in Mirzapur, has given life to this character by her acting. Let's have a look at such powerful roles of Rasika for which the audience still likes them.

1) Niti Singh (Delhi Crime)

Rasika had a small but powerful role in the web series 'Delhi Crime' based on the Nirbhaya gang rape. Rasika played the role of trainee police officer Niti Singh in this web series, who wants to prove herself and is honest about her profession.

2) Lootcase 

In the comedy film Lootcase, Rasika played the role of Kunal Khemu's wife. Rasika's acting in this film was worth watching. His character in Lootcase is that of a housewife who is completely devoted to his family and is very honest.

3) Manto

In this biopic of Manto, Rasika played the character of 'Manto' turned Nawazuddin Siddiqui's wife 'Safiya'. Rasika has played the character of 'Safiya' in such a way that for a moment you can forget to think of her as a real Safiya.

4) Made in Heaven

Rasika has played a small but very effective role in the famous web series 'Made in Heaven'. Rasika has become 'Nutan', the daughter of a politician, who is forced to marry the likes of family members.

5) Bina Tripathi (Mirzapur)

If this is said to be the most epic role of Rasika ever, it will not be wrong. Rasika has played the role of 'Bina', wife of Bhaiya, the Bahubali carpet of 'Mirzapur'. The web series shows how Kalin Bhaiya's father Satyanand Tripathi aka 'Babuji' exploits Bina, after which it is very exciting to see what and how she does it next.