Faraaz Khan Help By Salman Khan Pooja Bhatt Soni Razdan Kashmira Shah And Crowd Funding

Bollywood actor Faraz Khan is admitted in a hospital in Bangalore. He has been on ventilator for the last five days due to a neurological disorder. The actor needed Rs 25 lakh for treatment. For this, Bollywood actor Salman Khan came forward and helped him. He has paid the bill for the treatment and hospital of Faraz Khan. Along with this, actress Pooja Bhatt and her mother Soni Razdan, actress Kashmirira Shah have also helped Faraz financially.

Faraman's brother Fahman Khan, who is struggling with financial crisis, requested for financial help for treatment. After this, he was able to raise only 1 lakh 8 thousand rupees. Actress Pooja Bhatt helped her in pursuing this request. His mother Soni Razdan also contributed to this. Pooja Bhatt made a tweet requesting Madad for Faraj, in which he wrote, "Please share and contribute as much as possible. Me too. If anyone else does, I will be grateful."

Salman Khan paid the bill

Apart from this, all the bills of Faraz Khan have been paid by Salman Khan. Kashmirira has also helped Faraz Khan financially. Kashmirira has thanked Salman for this help. He wrote in a post, "You are a truly great man. Thank you for taking care of Faraz Khan and his medical bills. 'Fareb' actor Faraz Khan was in a critical condition and Salman stood by him and helped him like he did many People do. I am their true fan and always will be. "

Help 653 people

According to the platform, which collected funds to help the people, Faraz Khan needed 25 lakh rupees. Three days ago started collecting funds for Faraj. Now only 13 lakh 13 thousand have been gathered in it. To help Faraz, 653 people have given so much money as a grant.