Famous Singer Altaf Raja Life Uknown Facts This Song Change His Life Completely

Famous singer Altaf Raja whose song 'Tum to thhe pardesi' is still remembered by the audience. By the way, few people know that the story of Altaf becoming a singer is also very interesting. Actually, both Altaf Raja's parents were qawwali singers. Musicians, poets were frequenting his house. However, despite the atmosphere of music at home, he never thought that he would become a singer. But one song changed his whole life.

Altaf Raja had told during one of his interviews that - 'was 16-17 years of age. One day when I reached home with my friends strolling, a song was playing on TV. Feroz Khan and Nargis had that song 'Raat Aur Din' from the film 'Dil ki gir khol ko, chup na sit sit no song.' I stood there and kept listening to that song. This song had such a deep impact on me that I thought that now I have to do something in music. This was the moment after which the life of Altaf Raja changed.

Then in the year 1990, Altaf Raja started doing Qawwali stage shows. But he did not have to remain the only qawwali singer, so Altaf auditioned for 'Venus' in 1993. However, he was not selected in that audition. But Altaf did not give up and after 4 months again he auditioned in Venus and was selected. In 1993, 'ZeeTV' was launched and a show named 'Jung-e-Qawwali', for which Altaf Raja was chosen. On that stage, Altaf sang 'Tum to thare pardesi', which made him very famous. This song remained on top for many years.

Let me tell you that India's best selling solo album is Altaf Raja's 'Tum To Thhe Pardesi'. This music album by Altaf has registered his name in Guinness World Records.