Did Archana Puran Singh lift Kapil in the Kapil Sharma Show? See photo

Kapil Sharma shared a photo on social media, in which Archana Puran Singh has picked him up in his lap. While sharing the photo, Kapil Sharma wrote, 'Uff, who screwed it, Archana Puran Singh, this woman is heavy on everyone.' Along with this, he has put hashtags like Kapil Sharma Show and Fun Night. Kapil shared this post after a video in which he was seen pulling the leg of Archana Puran Singh.

Although Archana Puran Singh's face is not visible in the photo, but fans are speculating that this has happened. In the photo you can see that on one side Archana Puran Singh is wearing a blue dress and on the other side she has Kapil Sharma in her lap.

In the video, Kapil Sharma, who appeared in Sidhu's avatar, goes to Krishna Abhishek and asks if she works with Archana Puran Singh? Sidhu says to Sapna that you give this gift to Archana ji on my behalf. This gift is a brick. Sidhu says go and kill Archana in the head. Reacting to this, Sapna says that now she will have fun and she goes away with a stone.

The Bollywood actress and the judge of 'The Kapil Sharma Show', Archana Puran Singh, shouts at the show 'Kapil SHarma'. Mushroom comedian and actor Kapil Sharma is not interested in any introduction. Everyone from mango to special is crazy about Kapil's comic timing. Whenever a guest arrived on Kapil's show, he was seen laughing in the entire episode by holding his stomach.