Controversial Life Of Sana Khan

Actress Sana Khan has surprised her fans by suddenly deciding to retire from Bollywood. On October 8, Sana wrote goodbye to the world of glamor in a lengthy post on social media that now she will spend the rest of her life in social service and public welfare, following the path of Allah. Sana has also told her well-wishers and fans not to offer them any kind of work as she has now made up her mind to walk in the path of righteousness.

Earlier, in February this year, the breakup between Sana Khan and choreographer Melvin Louis made a lot of headlines. Luis was so hurt by the breakup that she publicly expressed her pain by coming on social media and during that time she burst into tears.

This is not the first time Sana has surprised her fans, even before that the news related to the actress has gone viral on several occasions. One such incident related to Sana's alleged 'death' came to light a few years ago. When another actress named Sana Ki Hum started paying tribute to him on social media. This confusion had spread on social media due to the same name and the fans really believed that Sana Khan is no longer in this world.

Let us tell you that Sana Khan, who has made her mark in the world of glamor, has studied only till 12th standard. Sana started modeling from a very young age. At the same time, Sana made her Bollywood debut in the 2005 film 'Yeh Hai Hai Society'. This film could not show anything special at the box office. After trying his hand in Bollywood, Sana made her debut in South films with the film 'Silambattam' in 2008.

However, Sana Khan was truly recognized in the industry after the popular reality TV show 'Bigg Boss 6'. It is said that Sana Khan is close to the legendary Bollywood actor Salman Khan. After the fame of Bigg Boss, Sana Khan has also appeared in two Bollywood films. One of these films was Salman Khan's 'Jai Ho' and the name of the second film was 'Reason Tum Ho' which was a romantic drama.