Celebs And Their Fake Marriage Stunt For Publicity

A picture of 67-year-old Anoop Jalota and 30-year-old Jasleen Matharu is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In this picture, both are seen in the bride-groom couple. Jasleen is wearing a red pair. At the same time, Anoop is wearing a turban and wearing a sherwani in the groom's getup. Jasleen has shared this picture, but she has not given any caption, which confuses the fans of both of them whether they have got married?

By the way, the pair of Jasleen and Anoop Jalota have been in discussion ever since they took part in 'Bigg Boss 12' as a couple. Both confessed to host Salman that they are in a relationship. However, after coming out of the show, both of them had lost control.
Anoop had told Jasleen to find a good boy for him by telling him to be a daughter and to give him a gift, and had told the news of the affair with Jasleen as wrong. It was clear from this that both of them had pretended to be in a relationship to go to Bigg Boss house. By the way, these two are not alone, even before this, many fake affairs have been seen on TV, which had made many headlines.

1) Ali Merchant and Sara Khan

Celebrity couple Ali and Sara seen in 'Bigg Boss 4' got married in Bigg Boss house. At first this marriage seemed true to everyone but within a month both of them broke the marriage as soon as they came out of the show. It is said that for this, they get 50 lakh It was found that it was proved that all these were fund raising TRPs and gaining publicity.

2) Rakhi Sawant

The item queen Rakhi had given a lot of publicity to Swayamvar by surprising the audience. He engaged NRI Ilesh in reality show 'Rakhi Ka Swayamvar' by choosing him as his companion.

3) Ratan Rajput

TV actress Ratan Rajput also composed his self in a reality TV show named 'Ratan Ka Rishta'. Through the show, he engaged a software engineer from Delhi to choose his partner, but within a few months, they broke up and refused to marry.

4) Neha Kakkar

Neha, who is going to tie the knot with Rohan Preet Singh, was in a lot of discussion about the news of her marriage to Aditya Narayan last year. Both had created the concept of false marriage to increase the TRP of the show 'Indian Idol' which was also accepted by many viewers as true. The concept of marriage of both of them was created on national television in such a way that even their parents had joined. However, later Aditya's father Udit Narayan had revealed that all this was done for TRP.