Bollywood Actress Rekha Married Mukesh Agarwal But Ended Up In Tears

Evergreen actress Rekha (Rekha) of Bollywood is not only famous for her performance, but at this age she also gets a lot of accolades due to her beauty. Rekha, who rules millions of hearts on the basis of her acting, has always been a matter of discussion. In the year 1990, Rekha married businessman Mukesh Aggarwal and made her home. Rekha's biography Rekha: The Untold Story by Yasser Osman contains many things on Rekha's personal life.

According to this book, Rekha often used to go to Delhi to meet her friend and fashion designer Bina Ramani. She often used to talk to Bina that now she wants to settle in her life. Bina Ramani was the first to meet Mukesh Aggarwal and Rekha. Slowly both started talking. After talking on the phone several times, both of them agreed to meet in Mumbai. Rekha loved Mukesh's honesty. It was only a month before the two met that Mukesh proposed Rekha for marriage. Rekha also said yes without delay.

Mukesh Aggarwal and Rekha got married in the month of March in 1990 in a temple in Juhu in Mumbai. A month after the wedding, he put the wedding program in Tirupati temple. A week later, Rekha got a different form of Mukesh. After marriage, Mukesh started to suffer in business, Rekha also lived in tension due to this reason. On the other hand, Mukesh wanted Rekha to leave Bollywood and stay in Delhi.

According to sources, Mukesh went into depression. Rekha was also not happy with this marriage. There came a time when the two had stopped talking among themselves and Rekha demanded divorce after only 6 months of marriage. Then in the year 1990, Rekha's husband Mukesh Aggarwal committed suicide. After Mukesh's death, Rekha also faced a media trial. At that time, Rekha was even given the title of National Vamp.