Bollywood Actor Irrfan Khan Old Video When The Extraordinary Actor Recited Poetry And Made It His Own

Even today, Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan may not be among us, but he will always be alive in the hearts of his fans. At the same time, the incident of rape of a 19-year-old girl in Hathras has shaken the whole of India. After this hideous crime, there is anger against it all over the country and the film industry is not untouched by this. After the Hathras incident, Bollywood stars are demanding justice along with the general public. Amidst all this, an old video of Irrfan Khan is becoming increasingly viral on social media. People are associating this video with the Hathras incident.

Let me tell you, this video going viral is from Jaipur Literature Festival, in which Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan is heard speaking a poem by famous writer Om Prakash Valmiki. The name of this poem is 'Thakur ka Kuan'. On the stage, Irfan says- 'If you say I read a poem, it is small, the emerald will not turn ...' The stove is of clay, mud is of pond, pond of Thakur. Hungry of bread, of bread millet, of millet farm, of farm Thakur. The bull of Thakur, the plow of Thakur, the palm on the plow, the crop of Thakur. Kuan Thakur's, Pani Thakur's, Galli mohalla Thakur's, so what about yourself? '

This video of Irrfan Khan is becoming increasingly viral on social media and at the same time people are linking it to the Hathras issue. Apart from this, the fans are constantly giving their feedback on this video. At the same time, on 29 April this year, Irfan Khan died in Mumbai due to cancer. Even today, Irfan is alive in the hearts of fans through his films.