Bigg Boss 14 What Innovativeness Will Your Wife Be Able To Give To Enter The House

The Salman Khan show Bigg Boss has started and is constantly getting to see something new in this show. Due to a promo of this show, it starts ringing on social media about this show. In a few days, the show has started making space between people. Now such a twist is going to come in this house, after which some Contestant's tears are going to come out.

Recently, a promo related to the show has appeared on social media. Which has become very much buzzing. The same show's most talked-about contestant, Rubina Dilayik, has also failed to get an entry in the house. Due to which today Rubika is going to get a chance to enter the house.

Due to which Bigg Boss has placed a condition in front of Rubika's husband Abhinav Shukla that either they can get Rubika to enter the house or they can keep the hard immunity with them. After listening to the condition of this immunity, Rubika became very emotional and is seen shedding tears. Those innovators also seem more worried about this.

In today's episode, it becomes to see whether Abhinav loses this immunity and gets his wife Rubika to enter the house or not. Living without immunity in this show can prove to be a great choice. It will be known only after watching today's episode.