Bigg Boss 14 Sara Ruined Makeup To Get Nikki Tamboli Out Of The Task

Contestants are leaving no stone unturned to get immunity in Bigg Boss 14. So far Abhinav Shukla and Nikki Tamboli have achieved immunity. But to maintain her immunity, Nikki Tamboli will have to go through many challenges. Yes, the promo is being seen that Sara Nikki breaks even her makeup to get Tamboli's immunity. In the recently shared video, Nikki Tamboli is seen sporting all the three seniors of the house.

This video is becoming quite viral on social media. It is shown in the promo that the entire house is on one side and insistence on the immunity of Nikki Tamboli on one side. There was no housewife in favor of Nikki getting immunity. Because Nikki Tamboli has a fight with everyone. Now during the immunity task, family members have got the opportunity to torture Nikki.

In the promo released, Ejaz Khan asks to break the entire makeup of Nikki. To defeat Nikki, the entire house appears on one side and imposes various kinds of restrictions on Nikki, but Nikki stands tall on her intentions. Sara tells Nikki to wake up citing makeup. Then Gauhar tells Nikki - I will give you makeup, don't get up Nikki. Now it has to be seen whether Nikki is ready to give up in order to get immunity.

It will have to be seen whether Sara Nikki can get Tamboli out of the immunity task or not and it will also be seen how Salman Khan reacts to Nikki's actions this entire week in the weekend. This will be known only after watching the upcoming show.