Bigg Boss 14 Rubina Came In Sara Spurt After Aviction Said This Is Not Right

Bigg Boss 14 house is witnessing some new explosion everyday. Bigg Boss has spent six days so far and from now on the house members are seen splitting into two camps. Nikki is not taking the name of stopping the fight between Tamboli and Holy Punia.

In the last episode, the first nomination process started. After this Sara Gurpal was out of the house. She cried a lot when Seniors told about being homeless from Sara's house. Ijaz Khan, Jasmine and Rubina tried to silence him.

At the same time, actress Rubina Dilac found Sarah's aviation unfounded. She says that it is not fair. Let me tell you, in this nomination process, each fresher had to nominate any two freshers whom he wanted to make homeless. Nikki Tamboli was safe from this nomination, as she is now a confirmed member.

During the show, Pavitra Punia was seen flirting with Aijaz Khan. He kissed Ejaz Khan on the cheek. Hugged Ijaz. Now a new promo related to the show has surfaced. In this promo, Pavitra Rubina is seen sharing her feeling about Ejaz with Dilac.