Bigg Boss 14 Jasmin Bhasin Laundry Queen Aly Goni Shared Bts Video Of Actress And Appeal For Support

Jasmine, the most beautiful and talented actress and contestant of Bigg Boss 14, is being called the 'laundry queen' in the show. Siddharth Shukla, winner of Bigg Boss 13, has praised Jasmine a lot in the show. From Jasmine's performance, her roomy boyfriend and friend Ali Goni has shared a video of Jasmine and appealed to people to support her. At the same time, Jasmine has also shared a video on social media, in which Siddharth is praising her.

In the video that Jasmine has shared, Siddharth Shukla says about them, "They are very smart, good looking. There is always a lot of velor dress. She speaks well. It is very entertaining. If you If you listen to their song, no matter how many songs you sing, it will make you laugh. These clothes also wash very well. They cry a lot. If there is no water in the house. It can wipe tears in your house Huh."

See here what Siddharth Shukla said

Appeal to support Ali Goni

At the same time, Ali Goni has shared a video of Jasmine on his Instagram and appealed to his fans to support him. In this video, Jasmine is on the banks of a lake, the surrounding mountains and greenery are seen. In the background of this video, 'Jan Nisar' of the film 'Kedarnath' is going on. Jasmine is seen turning it in slow motion. Ali has shared this and has written with the hashtag supporting the Holy Spirit.

Watch Ali Goni's Instagram post here

Ali and Jasmine took part in Khatron Ke Khiladi. It is said that both are in the relationship. However, the actress called it a rumor and said that they are good friends. Ali said in an interview that these rumors did not make any difference to their friendship. What people say cannot be controlled. Ali had said that he is still waiting for the Sphere One to come into his life.