Bigg Boss 14: Ijaz Khan said this with the growing closeness with Pavitra

In reality show 'Bigg Boss 14', the closeness of Pavitra and Ejaz has started increasing. In the initial days, they saw friendship, after which the same friendship turned into a fight, but now they have started growing closer. In such a situation, many types of questions have also arisen in the minds of all the fans, whether it is just friendship or now their love relation has started.

In the last episode, it is seen that Ejaz Khan asks Nikki Tamboli whether to shave his beard or not. Nikki says in response, ask the Holy One, do whatever he says. He talks with you on holy day and night. What are your feelings now? Ijaz is seen smiling after hearing these things of Nikki. Talking to Kavita Kaushik, Pavitra said that from here on, there is a kicking. But I do not know what is in his heart.

At the same time, Ijaz clearly says that he does not want to fall in love. In a conversation with Kavita Kaushik, Aijaz said - There are a lot of issues between Pavitra and me. You don't know how there are fights between us. I just want to focus on the game here. 'When I am in love, I leave everything else behind. Then the decisions from me get affected. I came here alone and will go alone from here.