Bigg Boss 14 Did Jasmine Have To Sacrifice Hair Even Before Entering The House

Salman Khan is present among the audience this time about Colors' most blown reality show. But to double the entertainment in the show, the three seniors present in the house are ready to take on the spirit of contestants and give a similar test to Jasmin Bhasin, who was a part of Bada Colors' Serpent Show When he had to face this task from the seniors before going to the house.

Colors' big bang show has begun with Bigg Boss. Friday night was full of entertainment and suspense for Bigg Boss Fence. 11 stars associated with the TV industry entered the show. So before taking entry into the house, the contestants of the three ex-contestants who were present as bosses also had to face the contestants in the house.

In the grand premiere, Salman entrusted the responsibility of the three seniors to give a decision on the selection of the contestants, all three fiercely took the examinations of the contestants. In such a situation, the show became more interesting when Jasmin Bhasin, who was a part of Colors' Naagin show, had to face Gohar Khan, Hina Khan and Siddharth Shukla as the show's seniors before taking the entry at home.

Did Jasmine really have to ' sacrifice' hair ?

During the premiere of the show, it was shown how seniors took a class of contestants. Something similar happened with Jasmine. Actually, Jasmine had to go to the seniors room before entering Bigg Boss house. Where the three seniors were tasked with Jasmin in which they were not to be given any vacancy. Meanwhile, there was a moment when Hina Khan cut Jasmine's hair. But did Jasmine really face such a big test before taking entry into the house?

' Curtain removed from haircut'

So the curtain has been removed from this secret. Hina Khan did not cut Jasmin's hair. Rather, Hina used Artificial Hair during the task. Hina Khan did not cut Jasmine's hair in real, but used nude hair to scare her. Let me tell you, in turn 11 contestants entered the show. But only 7 of these contestants got a chance to go home. While 4 contestants have been put in the rejections zone. However, all the celebrity contestants appearing in Bigg Boss 14 have been quarantined for 14 days and they have also been coronated three times. But now it has to be seen how much more these three ex contestants present as seniors in the show take the test of the new members who came to the house.