Bigg Boss 14 contestants reveal the biggest disclosure, read who is the highest paid this season

Every contestant of Bigg Boss 14 has started playing his own game. In the upcoming episode, all the contestants will be seen participating in the task of becoming captain. Also, everyone wants to know how much money people get from Bigg Boss house. In season 14, famous stars of TV world came out as contestants.

This time X contestants also appeared on the show. Now the amount of salary that seniors and contestants are getting for Bigg Boss is revealed. According to sources, Rubina Dilac is the highest paid contestant in Bigg Boss 14, Rubina is being given 5 lakhs every week.

At the same time, the celebrity who gets the lowest fees is Shehzad Deol of Punjab. Those who charge 50 thousand rupees per week. Although Shahzad's journey has now ended in the show. He stayed on the show for 2 weeks only. This salary of contestants is according to every week.

Abhinav Shukla is getting 1.5 lakh rupees to be a part of reality show. Ijaz Khan is a big name for TV. He is getting 1.8 lakh rupees every week in Big Boss. Ijaz Khan has now come into full form in the show.

Jasmine Bhasin is being given 3 lakhs every week. Jasmine's game is very real. Her journey is being liked in the show. 1.5 lakh rupees is being given every week to Holy Punia. Pavitra is giving her opinion on the show.