Bigg Boss 14: Arrogance at home after cutting fruit, Rubina said about the poem - is it captaincy or dictatorship

As the season of Bigg Boss 14 is progressing, the fighting and fighting between the contestants is increasing. Recently, three wild card contestants have entered the house of Bigg Boss. These three wild card contenders are Shardul Pandit, Kavita Kaushik and Naina Singh. Kavita has been made the captain of the show as soon as she gets a wild card entry.

She seems to be able to control everyone and manage everything well but her contrivance is not seen with some contestants. Now the name of Rubina Dilac has also been added to this list. Everything was fine till the time of Kavita's entry, but under her captaincy, Rubina has started having problems with behavior.

Actually, the makers have released a new promo of the show in which Kavita asks Rubina to cut the fruit for herself as she is the captain of the house. Rubina refuses to cut Kavita with fruits, after which Kavita flares up and says, "Don't cut fruit, I don't even have to cut fruit from a cliche person like you, because they won't digest me." Hearing this, Rubina's face goes away and she says in front of the rest of the contestants about the poem that it is dictatorship and not captaincy.

One thing has become clear from the tension between the two that now the fight between them is going to increase but not less. Rubina had earlier come into the limelight due to screwing up Salman Khan, the host of the show and now what will bring her difficulties with her quarrel with the captain of the house, it will only tell the time to come.