Big Boss 14 Aijaz Khan Opened A Secret Related To His Past Said Had To Leave Till Mumbai Due To An Incident

Bigg Boss 14 The 14th season of Bigg Boss is also full of fun and fun. Inside the house, there is also a lot of gushing between the contestants. During this time, many contestants have also been seen revealing their personal secrets. On the weekend of the weekend shown on Saturday, where Salman Khan was seen taking a class of cantestance with his unique style, on the other hand, he was also seen explaining them like a teacher. Meanwhile, Salman told Aijaz Khan that he was not coming forward. On this, he showed a video to the audience and said that, watch this video and know why Aijaz himself feels tied in the house?

An incident broke

In the video shown to the audience, Aijaz Khan is seen talking to Siddharth Shukla who has become a senior at home. Aijaz, referring to an incident in his past from Siddharth, states that, his sister is eight years younger than him and has been brought up by his relatives in some way, he says that I thought my sister was raised by this universe Have done Because of this, I used to be protective for every girl who looked in trouble. Aye

Jazz says that he has also helped many girls. Meanwhile, Aijaz Khan, referring to a girl from Siddharth Shukla, says that, I was in a relationship with her but that relationship ended at a very bad turn. Ijaz says that the girl accused him of raping her. After which he also had to go to jail. Ijaz says that after that incident he was completely broken. For this reason, he did not attend the premiere of the film Tanu Weds Manu and went to Dharamshala for some time.

Be afraid to talk to girls

He says that after that one incident, he started getting nervous talking to girls. They say that they think 10 times while talking to any girl. If they even say something wrong, they stop suddenly and then apologize.

Salman Khan explains to Aijaz Khan

After showing these videos, Salman starts talking back to the family. During this, he tells Aijaz that he is not able to play openly in the Bigg Boss house. Salman advises Aijaz that, if you bother yourself about what someone will think, if you are wrong then you will look wrong. Salman Khan gives assurance to Aijaz during this time saying that we are with you. Salman also asks Aijaz to keep his side in the house and take a stand. But react to the same things that need to be reacted. Do not react to such things which is not necessary.