Because Of Shahrukh Khan Refused To Give Gulshan Grover Visa To This Country

There are some stars in Bollywood who may be quite cool and positive in real life, but due to their portrayal of negative and villain played on the screen, people consider them as 'badmen'.

Bollywood's 'Badman' Gulshan Grover who is very cool and positive in real life. We have seen Gulshan Grover playing negative roles in many films, so often people consider him a villain in real life too. Many times he has had to raise troubles in this affair. One such funny story was shared by Gulshan Grover on a TV reality show. He told how the airport officer refused to grant him a visa because of Shahrukh Khan.

Recently, Gulshan Grover came to a dance reality show and narrated a funny anecdote about himself in this show, he narrated an anecdote when the Moroccan authorities refused him a visa and the reason was Shahrukh Khan.

In the video, Gulshan Kumar is saying, 'I told the lady officer, will I get a visa for one day, my flight is in the evening, then I want to roam in this city, this is my ticket. In response to this, he said, I will not give you a visa. I asked why she spoke, because you beat Shahrukh Khan. I do not like you.

'I told him that Shahrukh Khan is my friend, my brother. I did not beat him in real life, it was only in the film. So love Moroccan girls, our Bollywood films, Bollywood music and Shahrukh Khan. Let me tell you, Gulshan Grover has worked with Shah Rukh Khan in many films including duplicates, Yash Boss and Ram Jaane.