BB 14 Today Episode: Frustration of coming to the red zone is taking out on each other, Aijaz and Sanath, fierce debate over old things

Bigg Boss's house is now seen turning into an arena. Every day a dispute of some contestant is being seen with other contestants. At the same time, in the relationships which were seen close in the beginning, now the distance is increasing. Something similar is being seen between Pavitra Punia and Aijaz Khan. Even though initially the relationship of both of them looked very friendly but now the circumstances are changing. This was seen in the last episode when Pavitra and Ejaz came face to face during the task operation. 

Fierce battle during the task

The whole story has come up during the Capacity Task. Aijaz and Pavitra have been made the operators of this task . And both are adamant on their own name. Neither of the two is ready to compromise. The fight between the two starts on this and it becomes quite terrible on sight. Both have started arguing about old things. There is a lot of dispute between the two. Ultimately, Ijaz, who is fighting, expresses his displeasure when Pavitra nominates himself and says -  'If you nominate me, I also have emotions that hurt.' 

Both contestants are in the red zone 

At the same time, tell you that the house of Bigg Boss 14 has been divided into two zones - Red Zone and Green Zone. If there is a danger of being out of the house at any time, participants coming into the red zone will be contested safe in the green zone. Talking about this time, both Ijaz and Holy are in the red zone and that is why both of them are feeling angry at each other.

Shahzad was out of the house

This week, Shahzad Deol has been out of the house. With this, the three seniors have also been said goodbye. Ehzad and Pavithra were out of the house along with Shahzad but both of them returned even though in the red zone .. but Shahzad has been out of the house. These two are not happy at all in the red zone and want to go to the safe zone as soon as possible. At the same time, Bigg Boss will soon give both of them a chance to make a place in the green zone. It will be interesting to see who among the Aijaz and Holy is the first to reach the safe zone.