Badnam Kar Dogi Song Pawan Singh Music Video Rapped By Rani Chatterjee

Bhojpuri singer Pawan Singh's song 'Badnaam Kar Dogi' continues on YouTube. It has been seen more than four and a half crores till now. Actress Rani Chatterjee has sung a rap in this song.

A song from Bhojpuri's Powerstar and singer Pawan Singh is on people's tongue. The name of this song is 'Badnaam Kar Dogi'. The picturization of this song is amazing. In this, Pawan Singh's are seen in a very different style. Looks quite dashing and smart. She also stars Akansha Sharda and Sneha Garuda in this song. Fantastic chemistry is being seen between these three.

Doogi Song was launched in October last year on the YouTube channel of Worldwide Records Bhojpuri. So far it has been seen more than 4 and a half crores i.e. 46,372,286. This song is sung by Pawan Singh and Priyanka Singh. Its lyrics have been written by Shyam Dehati and Azad Singh, while its music was given by Chhote Baba and this music video has been directed by Sumit Bharadhaj.

Rani Chatterjee sang rap

The special thing of this song is that Bhojpuri actress Rani Chatterjee has sung rap in it, which is being liked a lot. From the lyrics of this Bhojpuri song, it seems that through this, Bhojpuri actress Akshara Singh has been targeted. The song mentions the use of a girl to gain the success of a girl and leave after accusing her of false accusation. Such allegations were actually made by Pawan Singh and his supporters on Akshara.

Watch Pawan Singh's song here

Akshara Singh had made these allegations

Actually, last year, Akshara Singh filed a complaint against Pawan Singh and 5 members of his house. Akshara accused him of killing, threatening and sending obscene messages. He also accused Pawan Singh of threatening to make the private video viral. After this, Pawan Singh and his supporters had accused them of disgrace like this song.