Anup Jalota Jasleen Matharu Wedding Pic Viral Singer React

Bhajan Emperor Anup Jalota always remains in the headlines. Now, Jasleen Matharu is his pupil to say, but as the pair are projecting both, they do not get tired of praising their chemistry.

Recently, a photo of both of them went viral on social media. In the viral photo, Jasleen was seen in the bride's attire. On seeing the photo, claims were made that Anoop Jalota has married Jasleen.

Now Anoop Jalota himself has spoken on this. He has described the news of marriage with Jasleen as rubbish and false. He has given complete information about this in an interview.

Anoop says - Modern dressing of Jasleen will not like our family. We are the dhoti-kurta who sing devotional hymns. How will Jasleen be able to match her. I think the people around me do not find that style of Jasleen right. He has insisted that even if he was 35 years old, he would not have married Jasleen.

At the same time, Anoop says that since this photo has gone viral, many people are congratulating him. On this, he tells- I am telling you straight too. Now what can be said to such people who accept viral messages on social media as right.

Anoop says about his viral photo that this is a scene of a film. He is seen in the film Woh Meri Student Hai with Jasleen. In the film, Anoop is playing the role of Jasleen's father. This photo is also from the same scene.

By the way, this is not the first time that such speculation has been seen about Anoop Jalota and Jasleen. When both of them took a couple's entry as Bigg Boss, a lot was said about their relationship at that time as well. But later it was revealed that both share the bond of Guru-disciple only.