Ajaz Khan And Pavitra Punia Relationship In Bigg Boss 14 Confuse The Fans

Bigg Boss's house is a strange house where nothing can be said about relationships. Talking about Bigg Boss 14, there was a lot of discussion of Nikki Tamboli and Jaan's friendship in the house a few days ago, while now Nikki's tuning with Rahul Vaidya is getting fixed. There is a similar relationship between Ijaz and Pavitra who sometimes become enemies of each other in the house and sometimes friends. In such a situation, fans are getting confused after watching their game.                           
Fierce battle took place in the captaincy task

Last week, there was a task in the house regarding captivity. In which Ejaz Khan and Pavitra Punia were adamant about their decision. And there was a lot of confrontation between the two. After that both of them also stopped talking to each other. But now in the coming days, there will be close to be seen again between Ijaz and Pavitra. Recently, a promo of Bigg Boss has come out in which the love between the two is going to be seen again. Both are seen talking to each other from different members of the house in this promo. While in Wee Dio, Ejaz Khan asks Nikki Tamboli whether to dye his beard or not. So Nikki's answer comes, ask the Holy One, do whatever he says. He talks with you on holy day and night. What are your feelings now? Ijaz is seen smiling after hearing these things of Nikki.

Pavitra spoke with respect to life

At the same time, Holy Punia is also seen doing some things in the house about Aijaz. She is saying that she does not know what to name this relationship. At the same time, Jan says - 'You accept Ijaz the way they are and Ijaz also accepts you in the same way.

Nikki and Rahul are also growing closer

At the same time, the game is becoming very fun. Till now, Nikki, who used to get irritated by the name of Rahul Vaidya, is now seen pairing up with Rahul, while she is upset with the life that used to be her special friend. In such a situation, it can be said that Nikki is an expert player who is doing friendship and enmity at home according to the need.