Aditya Narayan Interview Says All His Money Is Finish Only Rs 18k In His Account Ahead Of Wedding

Singer and host Aditya Narayan has revealed his financial crunch during the corona virus epidemic. He said that all his savings have ended during the lockdown and now only 18 thousand rupees are left in his account. Please tell that this year he is going to marry his girlfriend Shweta Aggarwal. Aditya said that he never thought he would have to sit in the house for a year but the lockdown changed his plan,

Aditya Narayan said that many times he thought that if the circumstances are even more than this, then he will have to sell his personal goods too. Aditya said, "Lastly, you want to take some hard decisions. When you take those harsh decisions, there will be a certain portion of many people who will say that this decision is wrong."

All the savings are over

Aditya Narayan was talking to a news portal about his financial crisis. He said that he was deeply affected by the lockdown with the entire country. He said, "If the government had gone ahead with the lockdown, people would have died of hunger. All my savings were over. I had withdrawn all the money I had invested in mutual funds for survival. Because nobody thought That I will not work for a year and relax. "

Have to sell a bike or something

Aditya further said, "Nobody thought so. Unless you are like a billionaire. So there is no option. Like I have 18,000 rupees left in my account. If I have not worked till October, I have someone There will be no money. I have to sell my bike or something. It is very difficult. "

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