Mumbai. Actress Payal Ghosh, who accused filmmaker Anurag Kashyap of rape, told the Bombay High Court on Wednesday that she regretted her statement about Richa Chadha and she apologized unconditionally. Richa's lawyers said that he (Richa) is ready to accept the apology.

Earlier this week, Richa filed a defamation suit in the High Court against Payal Ghosh for allegedly making false, baseless, indecent and derogatory statements and sought compensation. Significantly, Payal had dragged Richa and two other actresses into the controversy while making allegations against Kashyap. Richa made actor Kamal R Khan a defendant in the suit. On Wednesday, Payal's lawyer Nitin Satpute, Justice A.K. He told Menon that Payal was sorry about his statement and it was not given with the intention of defaming Richa.

Satpute said, 'He (Payal) said this with a sincere gesture. She is a big fan of Richa and respects him. He is ready to withdraw the statement and apologize. Lawyer Satpute told the court, "They regret what they said and they did not intend to insult any woman from anywhere." Richa's lawyers Virender Tuljapurkar and Savina Bedi told the court that they were willing to accept the pardon and would not claim compensation.

At the same time, advocate Manoj Gadkari, appearing for Kamal R Khan, told the court that his clients want to assure that he will not post anything against Richa on social media. The court accepted the statement. Justice Menon also issued an interim order, prohibiting any person from making such remarks against Richa.

Payal Ghosh filed an FIR at the Versova police station on September 23, accusing Kashyap of raping her in 2013. Kashyap has denied these allegations. He was questioned by the police last week in connection with the charge.