Actress Amisha Patel, who returned from election campaigning in Bihar, said- 'I was threatened, I could be raped'

Mumbai: Actress Ameesha Patel came to campaign in Bihar. He accused LJP candidate Dr Prakash Chandra of threatening him. She does not want to come on camera. Therefore, through the message, he has told the whole thing to ABP News. He asked all his messages to be used as a statement.

My team was treated badly

Ameesha Patel said, "All I can do is that I went to Doctor Prakash Chandra as a guest. He is a very dangerous person. He blackmails and threatens. My team was treated badly. And even when I reached Mumbai last evening, they started sending me threatening calls and messages asking me to talk about them with respect because I was honest about my terrible experience with them on 26 October. "

Threatened to leave me in the village

The actress continued, "He threatened her to camp with him for three hours. I had to catch a flight on the same day in the evening, but they did not let me do it. Instead put me in the village and threatened that if I do not agree and did not go together, I will leave me there. ”

Blackmailed last night too

Ameesha Patel also said, "He also blackmailed me last night to take money in your account and say good things about me." I just had to say yes and keep the phone because they were calling all my staff and appealing to talk to me and were threatening. "

Even today the staff were calling

With this, the actress told that her staff were still calling today. I told all my staff to humbly say yes and hang up the phone. He said, "It was a nightmare. He is a real thug and behaved like a goon. I was completely scared for my life and the people of my team who were with me. I had no choice, so I kept on saying yes until I reached Mumbai safely. After this, I told the media the truth. This person should be punished. He is a very bad man. When I reached Mumbai yesterday, I still spoke to the media. "

I could be raped

The actress said, "After talking to the media yesterday, her staff are calling non stop and threatening us. It was a very bad experience. They misused my presence. They threatened me that if I did not listen, I would leave the village three hours away from Patna. So I had no choice. I kept quiet when I was in Bihar. But when I reached Mumbai, I had to tell the truth to the world. I could be raped, murdered. They did not provide any security and there was madness. My car was surrounded by his people the whole time. They were not even allowed to walk at all, until I did what they said. They implicated me and put my life in danger. They blackmail, they threaten your life. So at that time you have no option but to live together to save your life. "

At the same time, Chandra Prakash accused the actress of campaigning for another candidate with money. On this, the actress said that ask them to show proof of this, because the person who is guilty will say anything to protect them.