How to type Hindi from Voice [without any software]

In this post today, I am going to share with you people how you will be typing Hindi with your own voice! That too without any software. If you do a lot of typing on the computer, then you can type anything Hindi with your voice. If you are having problems typing and you have to do blogging or type the latter, then you can write anything from your voice only without keyboard. If you want to reduce this from mobile, you will get a lot of apps on the play store, but people who use computers or laptops can write Hindi by speaking without using any kind of software.

Sayed, you are thinking that if you write anything with voice, it will not type correctly, but now the deposit has changed a lot and technology has also become very fast, so let's see how Hindi is written without speaking on the computer. 

Voice Se Hindi Typing Kaise Kare?

For this, you have to use a website whose name is " dictation ", this is the website of and you can write something using this website by speaking to me.

First you visit , after that you connect your Microphone or Headphone with the computer or laptop, after that you select the language in which language you want written.

Now whatever you want to write, it will be auto type in Hindi, for this you have to click on Start below then after that just go on speaking.

Whatever you say to me will be typed in the right way, when your writing is finished, then you can copy all the above text by clicking on Copy below and use it for any less.

If you want to write a post on the blog like this, you can still write, who does not like to type much, they can type this way.

I hope you have liked this post and have also found it helpful, if you have liked this post, then you must share the post with your friends, see you soon with a new post.